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Tracing Process

Tracing Process began as a six week residency at Yorkshire Artspace in Sheffield. It was the beginning of an exploration into the variety of people and their marks and allowed the public the opportunity to be present during the creation of an artwork and to contribute their own marks to the finished piece.

My own method of producing marks is controlled and ordered, neat and regular, and could be described as my personal visual language or self expression. How would this alter if others, with an intuitively different way of working, were invited to make the same mark, with the same brush on the same paper? And what would it be like to relinquish this control and allow other people into my work?

During the six weeks, over 200 people of all ages and perceived abilities took part, adding their own versions of my brushmarks to the work, and giving a whole spectrum of different voices and ‘handwritings’ to the overall piece. By keeping my own marks regular and level between each addition, and by weaving straight lines in amongst the irregularities, all the individual marks were eventually tied together visually to become part of the whole.

I’m now eager to explore the therapeutic nature of interactive mark-making, based on the response I received from visitors to the gallery, and to expand the possibilities of where the concept of this project could go, by taking it to more specific locations such as schools, hospitals, and charity groups.


Yorkshire Artspace
Exchange Place Studios
Exchange Street
S2 5TR

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