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Another time, maybe

Interpersonal Spatial Arrangements

Created between 2011 and 2015, the stitched series ‘Interpersonal Spatial Arrangements’ developed from a continuing experimentation into using traditional embroidery stitches in a contemporary context, and exploring their abstract qualities. Playing with seeding stitch, I became aware of the visual possibilities for these tiny marks to depict a concept I was becoming increasingly interested in - the way in which humanity has the power to express common thought, opinion and appreciation through the act of coming together to form crowds.

By using aerial images, abstracting only the human element from the larger picture and representing people as individual stitches, similarities are made to the way society and civilisation can join together and speak as one voice, in a similar way to how the individual stitches are ultimately linked together as a continuous thread and embedded into the structure of the fabric.

Live 8 concert, Hyde Park, London 2005. Hand stitch on wool 40x40cm (2012)

Victim, Coney Island Beach, New York 1952. Hand stitch on wool 40x40cm (2011)

Obama Inauguration ceremony, Washington 2009. Hand stitch on wool 40x40cm (2012)

Election Protest, Moscow 2011. Hand stitch on wool 40x40cm (2011)

Je Suis Charlie protest, Paris 2015. Hand stitch on wool 11x11cm (2015)

Tour de France, Yorkshire, 2014. Hand stitch on wool 45 x 55 cm (2014)

World Youth Day, Madrid 2011. Hand stitch on wool 110x87cm (2014)

Diamond Jubilee celebrations, Buckingham Palace, London 2012. Hand stitch on wool 140x110cm (2014)


Yorkshire Artspace
Exchange Place Studios
Exchange Street
S2 5TR

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