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Another time, maybe

Desert Island Discs

'Desert Island Discs : 45 minutes : 136 episodes' was created as a durational performative installation piece as part of the S1 Artspace members show 'Three Act Structure', over the summer of 2014.

It was devised to represent the time consuming nature and systematic processes used to produce a previous large scale embroidered piece.

Travelling the full length of the gallery space and working with the 45 minute time frame of this particular radio programme, simple brush marks plotted the visual length of each episode as a way of showing this time.

Punctuation spaces were left between each episode which, as the work progressed, became more prominent in a way that referenced both phrasing in written speech and notes on manuscript - an interesting comparison to the structure of the interviews interspersed with music.

The transient nature of this work meant that, upon completion of the exhibition, all the marks were removed to make way for the following installation. As a performance, the work only existed for the length of time it was being undertaken, and so maintained a sense of impermanence.


Yorkshire Artspace
Exchange Place Studios
Exchange Street
S2 5TR

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